Volunteer Spotlight on MaryAnne Drummond

Each week we’ll be profiling one of our Super Bowl 50 Host Committee volunteers, learning a bit more about how and why they got involved with the Host Committee Volunteer Program. 

This week our volunteer spotlight is on MaryAnne Drummond from Monterey. 

SB50: Why is volunteering important to you? 

MAD: It’s important to give young people the sense that they do matter, because knowing that gives them confidence. I spend much of my free time giving back to my community through the Boys and Girls Clubs, NAACP, The Village Project, Inc., and other after school tutoring and mentoring programs in my hometown Monterey. 

SB50: What makes the Super Bowl special to you?

MAD: Tradition. Truly I think America’s game is football. The game, the day, the hype up to it is a huge part of the excitement. The way the country comes together around the event is incredible.

SB50: What is your favorite Bay Area place?

MAD: The docks in Alameda; you can take in the entire Bay Area in one panoramic. You can go out to the point and there is a beautiful view of the city, Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz and you get to see the cargo ships being loaded and unloaded on the other side. It’s fascinating. The crews are like an ant colony, tons of hustle and bustle, but they make it work.

SB50: What has been your favorite moment on the 50 Tour so far?

MAD: I have two. First, the look on people’s faces when they get close to the eight Bay Area Super Bowl Vince Lombardi Trophies. The sense of wonder you see in their eyes. They have watched Super Bowls their entire lives and seen the trophies on TV and suddenly, they are right there with them. PLAY 60, Play On is also great, the kids are so cute wearing their #SB50 eye black and tackling their way through the obstacle course. I love watching them get back in line to run the drills over and over again. They would stay all day if their parents let them! 

MaryAnne Drummond