Volunteer Spotlight on Mauricio Ponce de Leon

Each week we’ll be profiling one of our Super Bowl 50 Host Committee volunteers, learning a bit more about how and why they got involved with the Host Committee Volunteer Program.

This week our volunteer spotlight is on Mauricio Ponce de Leon from San Francisco. 

SB50: Why are you volunteering for the San Francisco Bay Area Super Bowl 50 Host Committee?

MPL: I went off to college, became part of a fraternity and began exploring philanthropy. During that time, I found a love for giving back. Being a part of the screening team gives me the opportunity to meet and impact so many people, I’m lucky. Philanthropy has been great to me, so I want to provide that positive experience to others!

SB50: What has been your favorite Host Committee volunteer moment so far?

MPL: My favorite volunteer moment so far actually happened on my first day of volunteer screenings. Two wonderful ladies had signed up to volunteer and came into ask about potential volunteer opportunities for their students at the deaf school in Fremont. My sister is hearing impaired and because of her, I was able to talk to these two ladies in their own language. It felt great to make it easier for them to go through the process and give them a wonderful first experience with the Host Committee. I can’t wait to see them again!

SB50: What do you like most about the Bay Area?

MPL: I’m sure everyone has talked about this, but the diversity is the best part.  The Bay Area is a melting pot. My parents came here because they wanted to be entrepreneurs, like so many others. The people here are constantly striving to be their best. There is a great culture of people here who want to work hard and get ahead. This is such an innovative area, we change things here. Because I was born and raised in the area, I have an entrepreneurial spirit too and would like to start my own company one day!

SB50: Where is your favorite place in the Bay Area?

MPL: Definitely Mount Davidson in San Francisco. It is the highest natural landmark in the city, with great views of the whole area. I love to run up there and disconnect from the world. Working downtown is hectic and everyone is in a hurry, this is a relaxing place in the midst of all of that.

Picture 2

Mauricio with two volunteers from the deaf community, Aselefech and Klesha.