Verizon Wireless Customers Share 68.6+ Terabytes of Wireless Data

Information Courtesy of Verizon Wireless

The videos, web searches, social media updates and more made by Verizon customers in the Bay Area on game day and throughout Super Bowl week added up to 68.6 terabytes (TB) of wireless data, or the equivalent of 45 million social media posts.

The golden anniversary Super Bowl now holds the unofficial record as the most connected and shared championship game in history.

This was possible thanks to a $70 million long-term investment by Verizon to more than triple its 4G LTE wireless data network capacity in the Bay Area.

Super Bowl Sunday shatters record

Fans at Levi’s Stadium racked up more than 7 terabytes of data on the Verizon network alone on game day. In comparison, at the 2015 Super Bowl, Verizon customers in Phoenix used 4.1 terabytes of data and in 2014 fans in New Jersey used 1.9 terabytes. That marks a 268 percent or nearly three-fold increase in usage.

Data usage in San Francisco

For the days leading up to the Big Game, Verizon customers Tweeted, emailed, Facebooked, Googled, Snapchatted, navigated and more to the tune of more than 30 terabytes of data.

From Super Bowl City presented by Verizon to the 50th Mile to the NFL Experience driven by Hyundai, fans with Verizon service were covered thanks to the added 4G LTE capacity through a network of small cells, macro cell sites and mobile cell sites. That investment will benefit customers living in and traveling to northern California well into the future.


Super Bowl 50 by the numbers:

Total network data used over 9 days

  • 68 terabytes (TB) or 68,800 gigabytes (GB)

Levi’s Stadium on Super Bowl Sunday

  • 7 TB of data or 7,000 GB
  • 35,000+ estimated unique devices
  • Speed test example from lower bowl seats clocked at 120 megabytes per second (Mbps) on the download
  • Fans’ favorite social app: Facebook at 12% of total usage
  • Speed test example from tailgate clocked at 57.92 Mbps on the download

Game Day traffic spikes

  • 15% at first quarter when Denver recovered fumble for touchdown
  • 24% at Halftime show
  • 22% when Carolina pulled within six points

Football fan faves in percent of usage

  • 19.82% Video
  • 19.62% Web-browsing
  • 17.67% Social media sharing
  • 15.96% Cloud
  • 2.29% Music
  • 1.44% Messaging
  • 1.37% Email
  • .97% Navigation
  • 20.86% Other

Super Bowl City presented by Verizon

  • 7 TB of data used or 7,000 GB
  • Highest day Friday with 2.2 TB of data
  • Verizon Access Zone speed test example 36.36 Mbps on the download
  • Most used data application Facebook, followed by YouTube

50th Mile and the NFL Experience driven by Hyundai

  • 23 TB of data used or 23,000 GB
  • Biggest day Friday with 2 TB of usage
  • Speed test example of 17.98 Mbps on the download, clocked while viewing Lombardi Trophy