50 Fund Playmaker: Lisa Manthe and Child Parent Institute

Our 46th 50 Fund Playmaker is the Child Parent Institute (CPI), a parent education and children’s mental health agency, serving families throughout Sonoma County since 1978. Their mission is to end child abuse and strengthen the health of children, parents and families. CPI’s continuum of care includes children’s trauma counseling, parent education and support services, creative art therapy programs, support services for families with children on the autism spectrum, and a non-public school (New Directions) providing adolescent special education through trauma-informed educational services. Last year, CPI’s family-focused programs served more than 4,000 children and families.

Their Playmaker grant will fund a multi-dimensional, three-month project called “IDin3D,” for 27 students at New Directions between the ages of 13 and 24. This is a new program of art therapy that speaks directly to the neuro-developmental needs of the adolescent brain. It aims to enhance students’ imaginations, and help them find meaning in their lives.

CPI has recognized Mental Health Program Coordinator Lisa Manthe, who devotes her energy to helping low-income youth with mental health challenges to move beyond their early adversity and trauma.  She has been with New Directions for 22 years. A Board Certified Art Therapist, Lisa counsels students individually, leads weekly art therapy groups, and supervises three therapists-in-training. 

“I believe that play and creative expression help us to understand ourselves and others,” said Lisa. “The best solutions to problems are created by people who come together and use their imagination and play. Our world needs more of them!”

50 weeks. 50 grants. 50 opportunities to recognize Bay Area residents who are making a difference through their service to our community in celebration of Super Bowl 50. The 50 Fund’s Playmaker program was designed to showcase the real difference Bay Area nonprofits are making in the lives of our children, and people behind the scenes who are making that impact possible.

Every Tuesday, the 50 Fund—the legacy fund of the San Francisco Bay Area Super Bowl 50 Host Committee—will reveal a new Playmaker and share that nonprofit’s story of inspiration.