Super Bowl XX

Bay Area in the News

  • Steve Jobs buys Graphics Group (which later becomes Pixar) from LucasFilm for $5 million.
  • Alcatraz Island becomes a National Historic Landmark.
  • Canadian athlete Brian Maxwell and his nutritionist girlfriend Jennifer Biddulph develop the first “PowerBar” and launch the company in Berkeley.

Bay Area Music

  • The band Sweet Children forms in the East Bay. They later change their name to Green Day in 1988.
  • Shoreline Amphitheatre opens in Mountain View. Legendary promoter Bill Graham designed the amphitheatre to resemble the Grateful Dead’s “steal your face” image. 
  • Neil Young holds his first annual Bridge School Benefit concert at the Shoreline Amphitheatre. The inaugural event featured Tom Petty, Robin Williams and Bruce Springsteen.