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1971 Bay Area Golden Beginnings 

  • George Lucas founded Lucasfilm in San Rafael.  
  • The floppy disk was invented by David Noble and his team at IBM in San Jose.


1971 Bay Area in the Movies

  • George Lucas’s directorial debut, the 1971 picture THX 1138, was also his first film released under the Lucasfilm brand.
  • Cult hit Vanishing Point showcases car-delivery driver Kowalski on a 15-hour speed run from Colorado to San Francisco, guided by Supersoul – a blind DJ with a police radio scanner.

Lucasfilm’s motion picture productions include five of the 20 biggest box-office hits of all time in the Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises, and have received 19 Oscars and 53 Academy Award nominations. Lucasfilm is among the world’s leading entertainment service companies and is a pioneer in visual effects and sound across multiple mediums.

Founded by visionary filmmaker George Lucas in 1971, Lucasfilm was acquired in December 2012 by The Walt Disney Company.

Storage became portable when David Noble and his team of IBM engineers invented the 8-inch floppy diskette. Designed for use in loading microcode into the controller for the “Merlin” (IBM 3330) disk pack file, the floppy disk quickly won widespread acceptance as a program and data-storage medium. Unlike hard drives, a user could easily transfer a floppy in its protective jacket from one drive to another.