#SB50 fan countdown clock

Bay Area, we need you! 
Help power the Super Bowl 50 Countdown Clock!


In February 2016, we will be hosting the milestone Super Bowl 50, and we’re celebrating it Bay Area-style. What better way to count down to the celebration than through the spirit of fans who make this region so great.

So get that game face ready, don your favorite player’s jersey or hold up a sign with any number 0 through 9. Individuals, couples, children, pets, you name it – come one, come all! Help us show the real magic of the Bay Area – our people!

See our guidelines below to help you submit a great pic!

Photo Guidelines

  1. Images must be in proper orientation and scale. Images should be portrait-orientation with the subject of the image directly facing the camera. The image should capture head, shoulders and torso, with the number in the bottom half of the image. Photos must include only one number, in the range of 0-9. Photos may contain up to two people or animals.
  2. If you scan your photo in preparation for uploading, please properly crop the image to eliminate all white space.
  3. Photos larger than 3MB in file size will not be accepted.  All photos are automatically resized to fit the countdown clock when you upload them, so it is not necessary to manually size the image before uploading. Extremely small images will end up blurry and will not be approved.
  4. The Host Committee reviews every photo before posting. If your information does not comply with these guidelines, we will be forced to decline the photo.
  5. If your photo is selected, you will be alerted when it is live on the #SB50 Fan Countdown Clock through the email address you submitted with your photo upload.

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