Chevron Brings STEM to Life With the STEM Zone

Ever wondered how science plays a role in sports? Don’t miss out on the Chevron STEM Zone to see how science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) come to life in the game of football. At the STEM Zone, football fans of all ages will explore equipment advancements, wearable technology, developments in training, innovations in broadcasting, improvements to the fan experience and more. Check out some of the fun activities you’ll experience inside!


Pass Analysis

Gear up for the Super Bowl by learning the science behind a pass! In the STEM Zone Pass Analysis, visitors can test their passing skills using a modern and a vintage football and measure the arc, accuracy and velocity of their passes. A leaderboard will show the highest velocity passers. Fans can also learn more about the anatomy of a football pass such as launch angle, release speed and gyroscopic torque.

Picture2 - Pass Analysis 

Innovations at Play

See how technology has been a game-changer for football! The STEM Zone will feature equipment such as helmets, cleats and jerseys from the past and present and show how the engineering design process comes to life. Fans will also have the chance to snap a photo from their own personalized locker room! Within this area, don’t miss 49ers live mini lectures, including explanations about their latest equipment and hands-on demonstrations.

Picture3-Innovations at Play

Strength and Conditioning

Picture yourself using STEM on the field! In the STEM Zone, guests can take a photo alongside life-sized players and learn how kinesiologists contribute to players’ health and performance.

Picture4- Strength and Conditioning 

Advancement in Stadium Design

Learn how STEM is at work on the field and in the stadium! The STEM Zone shows how innovations from STEM MVPS have improved fan experiences in Levi’s Stadium, such as the addition of one Wi-fi router for every 100 seats throughout the stadium. Fans will also get the opportunity to operate a skycam and see their live feed in the video wall as they control the overhead camera.

 Picture5 - Career Kick-Off

Career Kick-Off

Are you a #STEMMVP? Career kick-off is a fun place to picture yourself in one of six exciting STEM careers! Fans can take a photo and see how they look as a virtual lab director, broadcast engineer, material scientist, and more!

The Chevron STEM Zone brings to life the company’s broad commitment to STEM education, both in its home, the San Francisco Bay Area, and across the United States. As the Official STEM Education Partner of the Super Bowl 50 Host Committee, Chevron uses sports to educate and inspire students in STEM. Join us in Super Bowl City to see the science of football in action!