BAYCAT Helps Host Committee Tell Stories of Impact

As part of the 50 Fund’s Playmaker program, each organization and the “Playmaker” they nominate are recognized in a video released each week with the grant announcement. BAYCAT, a non-profit social enterprise serving low-income communities like the Bayview-Hunters Point neighborhood, is producing 50 of these videos that showcase the important role that both the Playmaker grantees and individuals play in the community, and how they are making a difference.

“The Playmaker videos we release every Tuesday are a source of incredible inspiration, and we have been honored to share the stories of our Playmaker Rookies and their unique contributions to our region,” said Jason Trimiew, VP of Community Relations. “The stories produced by BAYCAT really add depth to the narrative about the 50 Fund and our grantees, and reiterate how Super Bowl 50 will leave a legacy of positive impact for Bay Area communities.”

Founded by Villy Wang, BAYCAT provides access, education, and employment in digital media to low-income communities in an effort to reduce the creative digital divide. For the 50 Fund video series, BAYCAT hired 25 of their program graduates who worked with their professional team as producers, videographers, and editors, spending over 600 hours in production and over 1,500 hours in the editing room on these 50 videos.

“We are uniquely positioned to tell these stories as professional media producers while providing our young men and women real client experiences with The 50 Fund; not only does the experience add clout to their resumes and reels, it boosts their confidence and pride to know that the videos they helped to produce directly benefit the low-income communities they come from,” said Villy Wang. “We hope what remains in people’s minds and hearts after Super Bowl 50 are these stories of thousands of people doing great work around the Bay Area.”

BAYCAT is part of the Host Committee’s Business Connect program, which links the Bay Area’s diverse business community to contracting opportunities related to Super Bowl 50. In addition to providing opportunities for minority, women, disabled veteran, lesbian, gay, bisexual and/or transgender owned business enterprises to conduct Super Bowl business, the Host Committee sought out nonprofit social enterprises who could not only deliver exceptional goods and services, but whose mission aligned with helping close the opportunity gap for low-income Bay Area children, youth, and young adults.

Watch all of the BAYCAT’s 50 Fund Playmaker videos here.