Uber’s Post-Game Highlights

Posted on behalf of Uber:

With the game in our backyard, we’ve been thrilled to celebrate our home city and get fans to the action throughout the week for the smoothest experience yet. A huge number of people used Uber to get around the Bay Area during the Big Game and the week leading up to it, including thousands of first-timers who used uberPOOL for a cheaper ride. It’s been great to be part of the celebrations, helping residents and visitors get from A to B at the push of a button and surprising riders with quarterback legends on demand and #uberPUPPIES!

We’ve learned about how to get people in and out of big events over the past five years plus, but this is the first time a ridesharing company has had access to the big game. Here are the postgame highlights:

SF_big-game-2016_infographic_blog-body_960x2662_r4 2

Thanks to all of the riders, drivers, football players, and organizations who helped us move folks without hassle all around the Bay. Less than 6 years ago, Uber didn’t exist and today we are celebrating the fact that we are an integral part of the Bay Area community and an important part of the fabric of the transportation ecosystem.