50 Fund Rookie Playmaker: Jazmin Chavez and the Third Street Community Center

Our 45th 50 Fund Playmaker is the Third Street Community Center, whose mission is to help underserved children and youth succeed academically and thrive socially through education, arts, technology, and service.

Their Playmaker grant will be used to fund the STEM for Latina Girls Project, whose goal is to introduce Latina girls to careers in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) in an exciting and interactive manner so they feel inspired to pursue a STEM related career. The grant will specifically benefit 25 young Latina girls (ages 7-12) who come from low-income and disadvantaged backgrounds, the majority of whom are expected to be first generation college-bound girls who do not have the tools to understand the steps needed to secure a career in technology.

The Third Street Community Center is recognizing 15 year-old Jazmin Chavez as their 50 Fund Rookie Playmaker, who is a former program participant and current volunteer. After coming to the program in 2007 as a second grader, Jazmin is now the center’s youth volunteer coordinator and the person they turn to when they need to recruit youth for special program opportunities. Jazmin is now an honor student with aspirations to attend Stanford University.

The 50 Fund’s Rookie Playmaker program drafted by Levi’s® brand recognizes  youth ages 13-24 who are making a difference in the Bay Area by protecting the environment and advocating for community members in need.  

“Jazmin is a great inspiration to our kids, her peers, and our community,” said Rosemary Baez, Executive Director of the Third Street Community Center. “In many ways, Jazmin is breaking stereotypical expectations and paving the way for other young Latinas to follow.”

50 weeks. 50 grants. 50 opportunities to recognize Bay Area residents who are making a difference through their service to our community in celebration of Super Bowl 50. The 50 Fund’s Playmaker program was designed to showcase the real difference Bay Area nonprofits are making in the lives of our children, and people behind the scenes who are making that impact possible.
Every Tuesday, the 50 Fund—the legacy fund of the San Francisco Bay Area Super Bowl 50 Host Committee—will reveal a new Playmaker and share that nonprofit’s story of inspiration.

*Thanks to Art Cervantes from QuixoteFilms for the additional behind the scenes footage.