50 Fund Playmaker: Rosalyn Thomas and JobTrain

Our 42nd 50 Fund Playmaker is JobTrain, whose mission is to improve the lives of people in our community through assessment, attitude and job skills training, and high potential career placement. 

Their Playmaker grant will be used for a project called Youth Voices Matter, which provides its JobTrain Digital Arts class at Redwood High School, a school for students with academic and/or behavior challenges. Redwood High asked JobTrain to provide this training with the goal of motivating students and providing valuable job skills. By creating a video, youth will learn they can be successful as well as have a tangible product that reflects their hard work.

JobTrain selected Rosalyn “Roz” Thomas, who has been a volunteer and champion for JobTrain for more than 7 years on computer training. After seeing the effectiveness of JobTrain’s training programs, she gave students first-hand experience through internships in their field of training, and then advocated for a paid internship program at TE Connectivity where she works.

“Roz is an amazing volunteer who demonstrates all the core values of integrity, accountability, teamwork and innovation,” said Lois Marshall-Ward of JobTrain. “She also demonstrates innovation by seeking out new opportunities that enhance JobTrain services.”

50 weeks. 50 grants. 50 opportunities to recognize Bay Area residents who are making a difference through their service to our community in celebration of Super Bowl 50. The 50 Fund’s Playmaker program was designed to showcase the real difference Bay Area nonprofits are making in the lives of our children, and people behind the scenes who are making that impact possible.

Every Tuesday, the 50 Fund – the legacy fund of the San Francisco Bay Area Super Bowl 50 Host Committee – will reveal a new Playmaker and share that nonprofit’s story of inspiration.