50 Fund Playmaker: Eddy Zheng and Community Youth Center

Our sixth 50 Fund Playmaker is Community Youth Center of San Francisco (CYC), a nonprofit that works to support the needs of Asian youth and their families through education, employment training and advocacy. CYC will use its Playmaker grant to fund is the first Bayview Historic Bus Tour, which is designed to educate residents – especially the monolingual Chinese speaking population – about the history of the Bayview and provide a perspective of how that history has played an important role in the Bayview as it exists today.

“By learning about the how and why the Bayview was established, the people who settled in the area, and its history, it is hoped that this project will increase knowledge and understanding, break down barriers, embrace commonalities, and promote tolerance, solidarity and racial harmony among the Bayview’s residents and community,” shared CYC Executive Director Sarah Wan.

CYC nominated their project director Eddy Zheng as their Playmaker, a community activist and organizer who has a passion for working with at-risk youth and youth involved in the justice system.

“I spent 21 years of my life in prison for crimes committed at the age of 16. Since returning to the free world in 2007, I have dedicated my life to serving the youth and communities of the greater San Francisco Bay Area,” said Zheng. “I hope to use my experiences to: inspire and motivate young people to invest in their education; raise awareness about the detrimental impact that the Prison Industrial Complex has on the Asian and Pacific Islander population; and, promote racial harmony among people of color.”

50 weeks. 50 grants. 50 opportunities to recognize Bay Area residents who are making a difference through their service to our community. The 50 Fund’s Playmaker program was designed to showcase the real difference Bay Area nonprofits are making in the lives of our children, and people behind the scenes who are making that impact possible. 

Every Tuesday, the 50 Fund will reveal a new Playmaker and share that nonprofit’s story of inspiration.